Well, I guess the old man is going to have step in and pick up the blogging slack around here. You know, in my day, we blogged when we were supposed to. We didn’t stay silent for a month without so much as a “Howdy do!”. After walking 5 miles to school under a burning Texas sun and being chased by javelinas on the playground we would be happy as clams to get out the old teletype and do our blogging duty. What is this next generation coming to?

Meanwhile … back at Super Chicken Ranch. The boat building is flying!! [a mixed metaphor for Madelaine] It only took us 14 hours to get the bottom, sides, and frames cut out and stitched together. Now SC looks like a boat - with baling wire braces. That wire will get covered soon when I start epoxying. I will probably leave Matt out of the epoxy work to protect his fragile, pink alveoli. I’m sure mine were Cajun-blackened long ago.

I don’t know how the rest of the boat will turn out, but the initial build-out has been great. Stitch and glue construction has been fast and easy. Now it’s time to build the fillets (pronounced fill-its) using epoxy. I was unsure about using epoxy, but Alan at Caird Boat Works gave us a pep talk and a tour of the shop before setting us up with some West epoxy, Cabosil and fiberglass cloth.

Looking forward Looking forward

Stern with wire stitches Stern with wire stitches