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We return to the story as Fred hands a bottle of secret sauce to Henry. Fred turns away, slightly embarrassed, as Henry downs the sauce, busts out of his street clothes, and becomes Super Chicken! “To the Sub Sandwich Submarine!” he yells. Fred quickly snatches some Baco Bits and powdered ranch dressing from the kitchen and follows Super Chicken out to the submarine dock. Henry waits for Fred to catch up, and then they both leap into a small submarine that looks remarkably like a sandwich. As Fred dumps Bacos and ranch down a hole in the dashboard, Super Chicken closes the hatch and buckles himself into the driver’s seat. “Ahhhh… Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch,” he says. “A classic. Not a lot of stamina, but good brute force is all we need right now. Wise choice, Fred.”

“Thanks,” replies Fred. “By the way, what are we doing?”

“We’re capturing Tom Slick for questioning. He is the prime suspect of the greatest underwater jewel thievery in the history of the WORLD!” Super Chicken breaks a sweat from the anxiety of it all.

“Well, the engine is ready whenever you are!” Fred states.

“Right.” Super Chicken inserts a fork into the ignition and turns the engine. “Let’s Goooooo!”